Milltown Volunteer Fire Department

The members of the Milltown Volunteer Fire Department have many functions, not just fire fighting. Although all members of the fire department must be fire fighters, some of the members have taken extra training to help out the community. Many members have attended First Responder/Emergency Responder training to help citizens with medical issues. These members respond to calls with local ambulance services and provide care prior to the ambulance arriving on scene. Other members have attended training to perform rescue operations. Such instances are vehicle extrication, water rescue, grain bin rescue, Hazardous Materials situations or general search and rescue.


Oliver Bever-Fire Fighter II  
Harold "Joe" Gale-Fire Fighter II  
Matt Hanson-Entry Level Fire Fighter  
Ed Kline-Fire Fighter I/EMR  
Henry Kline-Entry Level Fire Fighter  Henry started with the fire department as a cadet in August of 2016. In February of 2019, Henry was accepted as a member of the fire department.
Phillip Landgraf-Entry Level Fire Fighter  
Janis Larson-Fire Fighter II/EMT-Basic IV Tech  
Mike Larson-Fire Fighter II/EMT-Basic IV Tech  
Tom Larson-Fire Fighter II/EMT-Basic IV Tech  
Colin Loehr-Entry Level Fire Fighter  
Scott McCurdy-Fire Fighter II  
Jen Tober-Entry Level Fire Fighter  
Robert Tourville-Fire Fighter II  
Tom Volkert-Fire Fighter I  
Alex Warren  Alex was voted in as a member in September of 2017 after being a cadet. Alex will be attending Entry Level Fire Fighter and will also be able to start responding to medical calls with the department. Alex is following in the footsteps of his father, Scott, as a firefighter.
Scott Warren-Fire Fighter I  
Sandi Williams-Fire Fighter II/Paramedic  
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