Milltown Volunteer Fire Department The Milltown Fire Department is made up of 7 officers: A Fire Chief, a Deputy Chief, two Assistant Chiefs, two Captains, a secretary/treasurer/Information/EMS Officer. The functions of each are different, but the goal of all officers is to make the department run efficiently and effectively. Fire Chief The function of the Fire Chief is to oversee the overall operations of the fire department. This is not limited to just on the incident grounds. The fire chief manages incident scenes, assists with building a budget for the department, and is the chair of the fire board. The chief also oversees vehicle maintenance, building maintenance, and equipment upkeep. The fire chief is the one person that ultimately oversees that the department is ready for incident responses and continued function. The fire chief also presides over fire meetings and fire association meetings.
John Sorensen-Fire Fighter II  
Deputy Chief The main job of the deputy chief is to do the job of the chief in his absence. Because this is a volunteer department, there is no set schedule or anything that requires the chief, or any member to be present at all times. The other functions of the deputy chief are to be he scene safety officer and training officer. If at any point he sees something that is unsafe, he is to stop operations until it is made safe. This is also the only time that the deputy chief has authority over the fire chief. The deputy chief also schedules and organizes all training for the department. With the vast majority of rescue situations that occur, we typically have many options to choose from. Some of the trainings that are held regularly are vehicle extricatioin, cold water rescue, tree/deer stand rescue, and hazardous materials awareness.
Ben Kotval-Fire Fighter II  
Assistant Chief The assistant chiefs of the department handle the work that the chiefs feels needs to get done on the side of maintenance. The assistant chiefs make sure that vehicles or equipment are repaired or brought in for repair. It is also the duty of the assistant chiefs to handle the operations of the department should one or both of the above officers be absent.
Ryan Hyden-Fire Fighter II  
Kyle Peterson-Fire Fighter II  
Captain The captains of the department are front line workers. These peole are entry people and also assist with training of new people on entry. Their main job is to get into the incident and take charge of the internal attack. The captains also oversee the maintenance of the self contained breathing apparatus (SCBA) that are worn, and also are the ones that check the equipment to make sure that it is operating properly. Like the other positions, the captains move up in rank on scene as other memebers are absent.
Dylan McCurdy-Fire Fighter I  
Luke Christensen-Fire Fighter I  
Secretary/Treasurer/Information Officer/EMS Officer The information officers job is to collect information from calls and enter them into the computer to be sent to the state. Each run is entered into a records management system and then saved. This information can later be reviewed to apply for grants, to get information on response time analysis, and many other functions. Another role of the Information Officer is to release reports to insurance companies, to release information to the media when needed, and to communicate with the public. The role of the EMS Officer to ensure that all medical supplies are up-to-date and stocked and to make sure that certifications for members that respond to medical calls is up-to-date. This person is also the liason between the local ambulance services and the fire department.
Jason Anderson-Fire Fighter II/Paramedic Jason joined the fire department in August of 2000. He joined the department after spending 4 years with the Cushing Fire Department. He has taken the Entry Level Fire Fighter Courses, Fire Fighter One Course, Fire Fighter Two Course, and also the Wisconsin State Fire Inspectors Course. Jason is also an Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic and responds to medical calls with the department as a first responder. Jason has also taken vehicle extrication classes, water rescue classes, and the Hazardous Materials Awareness class and responds to rescue calls with the depatment.
Jason also serves as one of the two fire inspectors for the department since 2007 and has been the Information Officer/EMS Officer since 2010. In the fall of 2015, Jason was elected to be the secretary of the department when the secretary and treasurers position split into two positions instead of one. In 2019, Jason was nominated to be the treasurer


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