Milltown Volunteer Fire Department
 There are up to 40 members on the Milltown Fire Department. The department is made up of Officers, Fire Fighters, and Cadets. All members must have at least enrolled in Entry Level Part 1 after their first year of membership and most members have up to Fire Fighter 2 level training. Milltown also has members that respond to medical calls as well as fire calls. This group consists of past first responders and emergency medical technicians that help lift patients, to current first responders and emergency medical technicians that provide care to patients. A majority of the calls for the department are medical calls in which we assist the local ambulance services. Although Milltown started out to primarily be a fire department, they have transitioned into a multilevel department. The members respond to fire incidents, medical incidents and rescue incidents. There is a difference in the classification of calls that we respond to. -Fire calls are calls that are primarily fire in nature like structure fires, wildland fires, and fire alarms. -Medical calls are calls where patients need medical attention from chest pain, a fall from height, nausea, or weakness. -Rescue calls are calls that require special skills and tools, like the "Jaws of Life" for motor vehicle crashes, water rescue suits for water rescue, or other specialized equipment. Fire calls are fire related, medical calls are medical related and rescue calls can encompass one or the other, or both at the same time. An example of this is a motor vehicle crash. At a motor vehicle crash, special tools may be needed to extricate a person from a vehicle, but that person also needs medical attention. It is not a medical call because special tools are needed along with the medical attention. Milltown Fire Department does not only deal with human beings on their rescue calls. In the past, the Fire Department has been called on to rescue a deer off of a frozen lake, and in 2014, were called on to rescue two bear cubs stuck in a hollowed out tree. So being a fire fighter for the Milltown Fire Department does not strictly mean that you will be carrying a hose or spraying water.


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